Texas Democratic Party Convention 2004 – Observations

Sylvester Turner Controversy Unnecessary:

The criticism directed at Houston State Representative Sylvester Turner resulted in news stories in several Texas newspapers. Great. It would have been nice if stories instead had focused on W’s record.

Some of Turner’s House colleagues were upset that Turner was scheduled to address the convention. By the way, Turner is arguably Texas’ best Democratic orator around.

Apparently, there are a number of Texas legislators that are still fuming at Rep. Turner for having a close relationship with Texas Republican House Speaker Tom Craddick. These are the same legislators that had no problem with former Democratic Speaker Pete Laney assisting W’s presidential campaign in 2000.

Turner ended up not speaking.

Way to go Senate District 6

The predominantly Hispanic SD 6 elected three Anglos to fill all three of its allocated national delegate slots. A more appropriate lineup should have included two Hispanics and one Anglo. SD 6 is represented by State Senator Mario Gallegos.

FYI: The father of this author serves as Chair of SD 6.

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