"We know how to win
and get  things done."

Marc Campos, President
                Campos Communication

Marisol Valero 
Special Projects Coordinator
Campos Communications
 Local: (713) 861-2244
 816 Ralfallen
 Houston, Tx 77008

Marisol received her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations in 2008 from the University of Houston.

A year prior to her graduation, she became an integral part of Campos Communications, Houston’s leading Latino political consulting firm. Through her college years and her work at Campos Communications, Marisol has proved to be an active advocate of the Latino Community. In 2009, she was instrumental in putting together the first Houston Area Latino Summit, which brought elected and appointed officials, business and professional organizations, civil rights, immigration and education groups, non-profits, and community activists together for the purpose of advancing the Latino Community. Since then, there have been two summits, including a Mayoral Debate and a summit focusing on Immigration Reform.

In 2010, as a member of the board for Familias Inmigrantes y Estudiantes en la Lucha (F.I.E.L.), Marisol helped to promote and create Houston’s annual “We Have A DREAM Summit,” which consistently hosts over 200 immigrant youth in an effort to expose them to higher education opportunities in the state of Texas. During her 2011 tenure as part of the National Coordinating Committee of the United We Dream Network, Marisol helped form a statewide coalition of DREAM youth and was a vital representative of all undocumented youth in the state of Texas within the committee.

Most recently, Marisol was selected to lead United We Dream’s largest event, the “United We DREAM 3rd National Congress” held in Dallas, Texas, which hosted over 400 undocumented youth from 30 different states. As a DREAMer herself, Marisol is an avid promoter of education for everyone and is devoted to the undocumented youth movement.

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