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Houston and Latinos

•  44% of the Houston Population is Latino, the largest population group.
•  There are more Latinos in the Houston area than there are in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
•  There are more Latinos in Harris County than there are in Bexar County – San Antonio.
•  Latinos are the largest student population group in the Houston Independent School District
   – over 50%.

Houston has

•  Seventeen radio stations that target the Latino community.
•  Twelve Spanish language weekly news periodicals
•  Two Latinos on the 17-member city council.
•  A Latino County Sheriff.
•  A Latino County Treasurer.
•  Two Latinos on the 9 member Houston public school board.
•  Four Latinos from the Houston area in the Texas House of Representatives.
•  One Latino from Houston in the Texas Senate.
•  Six Judges
•  Three Latino Justices of the Peace in Harris County.
•  One Latino college president.
•  Three Latino Houston Community College System Board Trustees.
•  One Latino Harris County Constable