By Marc Campos

Local Latinos Dodge A Bullet

Every now and then Commentary has to say he was right. Here is what I had to say back on July 3:

“There is an interesting article in today’s Chron on Houston ISD Superintendent Abe Saavedra and his contract. Commentary thinks the Superintendent has done a real good job. I don’t want to make too much of the article however it is interesting that a local LULAC leader says she thinks that the “clock is ticking” regarding the Superintendent’s contract. Local Latino leaders would be wise to start communicating with each other and publicly demonstrate to the HISD Board of Trustees and the community at large that Abe Saavedra has our unqualified support. I would bet that a thunderous show of support by Latino political, business and civic leaders would send a very powerful message. Our silence on this matter might just give the Superintendent’s detractors the opportunity they need to tell him “adios.””

Over this past weekend, rumors started circulating that the HISD Superintendent Abe Saavedra would be ousted. Dr. Lauro Murillo and the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce sprang into action and put the pressure on the HISD Board of Education. HISD Trustees backed down thus avoiding a potential racial brouhaha in H-Town. Congrats go to Dr. Laura!

Of course, the local Latino leaders should have gotten together on this back in July like Commentary suggested. Next time we may not be so fortunate, errr lucky.

By the way, Commentary didn’t see any local non Latino Dem electeds or candidates at yesterday’s press conference to show support – thanks for nothing.

Right next to the definition of “impotent” is a picture of W trying to get support for the rescue plan. Man, that guy is totally irrelevant!

According to CenterPoint, as of this morning five percent are still without power – I feel their pain. I still don’t have cable but I’m not complaining.

Early voting starts in twenty days, I wonder if folks around here care right now.

I don’t have anything to report on the ‘Stros today other than to say at The Yard on Sunday they handed out the home schedule for next season. The Yankees and Red Sox won’t be on our 2009 interleague guest list – instead we get the Royals and Tigers – that’s OK by me.

September 30, 2008 9:00AM

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