By Marc Campos

Tom Thumb, La Porte

No longer a hammer. His influence is shrinking - incredibly. A lot of folks are no longer afraid of him. Instead of raising money for other candidates, he's raising money for his own defense fund. Wonder how many of his fellow GOP members will have him featured at their fundraisers? Wonder how many GOP fundraising functions in the US he will attend? That's what happens when you get slapped with an indictment. It's time for Tom Thumb to close down his act for awhile - get ready for his trial - get off the talk show circuit. Some of those talk show hosts are just as good as prosecutors when it comes to asking tricky questions. He's through being the "go to tough guy."

Right under our noses. The office here is working on a project that has required us to utilize our pretty big data base on a mail piece. One of Commentary's staffers threw on my desk an envelope that had been labeled - uh, oh - one of Laura Salinas' opponents (the one that has a few electeds supporting her) has a La Porte address! La Porte, come on, that's a coastal community. La Porte is not in District 143. It is comforting to know that the staff here reads Daily Commentary - because....drum roll please .....it's residency stupid.

September 30, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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