By Marc Campos

Wait ĎTil Next Year!

Commentary got powered up at 4 p.m. this past Friday. I still donít have cable but Iím not complaining. I hooked up one of the older TV sets up with homemade rabbit ears and I got one local station. I went yesterday to the grocery store to restock up my fridge - looks like everybody was doing the same thing.

H-Town CM James Rodriguez got on the grid last night.

I think Ike pretty much roughed everybody up around here. It left some scars on our collective psyche for sure.

The H-Town Hispanic Chamber is putting out an alert this morning. They hear that the HISD Board of Education is fixing to roll the Latino Superintendent. There will be a 3 p.m. press conference today at HISD Headquarters to draw the line in the sand.

Commentary thinks that Abe Saavedra has done a pretty good job. It will be interesting to see how many non Latino Dem electeds and candidates just sit back and watch Abe get rolled and then come asking for Latino votes in November.

Kathryn went with me to the ĎStros last game of the season yesterday. Kathryn joined the grid Saturday night. Pam-In-Charge let us sit in her seats. They put us on the KissKam so we gave each other the knuckle tap. We saw Brad Ausmusí last game as a ĎStro and he hit a dinger for us Ė now thatís real cool. Before the game, Drayton gave Ausmus a brick red surfboard with the team logo on it. All things considered, I think we had us a pretty good year. The Chron said we would go 77-85 this season. We ended up at 86-75. Heck, we were in the hunt up until late Friday night. Numero 45 went down a few weeks ago. Kaz had the season starting issues, errr fissures. Then there was Ike. Who knows what would have happened? I know one thing - Iím rooting against Budís Brewers. I hope they are out in three. Wait Ďtil next year!

September 29, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary