By Marc Campos

Hunt for Red October

DATELINE: SAN LUIS, MISERY, ERRR, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI - The Hunt for a Red October is on this weekend in the ATL. We're talking Astro Brick Red. Tony La Russa, Albert and the Cardinals have lost 8 of their last 9, we've won 9 in a row, we're no longer in the Wild Card race, but a half game behind for the Central Division title - you gotta love this game! What a difference nine games make! High fives are everywhere! It's in the air!

It's crazy! The two maybe divisional series games that will maybe be played next week at home are already sold out. The already printed maybe tie breaker tickets for maybe next Tuesday's game with the Cardinals have Preston Wilson's picture on it - it's crazy! Commentary got invoiced for the tie breaker game yesterday and promptly paid - it's crazy! Ten days ago, folks were already cracking on this year's team performance, now these same folks are lighting those religious candles in their living rooms - it's crazy!

The record, errrr, Daily Commentary shows that Commentary never lost hope - cause I'm crazy!

It is going to be another one of those fantastic baseball watching weekends and finishes in H-Town. It looks like Pam-In-Charge and other top team execs are heading for the ATL this weekend - let's hope they bring home some more baseball for next week - it's crazy!

Note: In 2004 and 2005, the 'Stros advanced in the playoffs by defeating the Braves - interesting - Atlanta stands in our way one more time - it's crazy!

On a more somber note, it would be real sad and terrible public policy if the City of Houston altered its position in regards to the police department and paperless folks. The City would be handing over bragging rights and a not deserved victory to the mean spirited ones that are anti-paperless folks, errr, anti-Latino. The City would also be rewarding the Houston City Council Member CD 22 wannabee that dissed us all a couple of days ago. Now is the time for some "profiles in courage." Do the right thing! Don't get chumped out!

September 29, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary