By Marc Campos

What If Not Guilty, Still 2 1/2

Dems are euphoric today. The Hammer got hammered. The Hammer didn't hunker down yesterday, he came out swinging. Looks like The Right is getting behind The Hammer. The Hammer has got his spinners spinning and they are pretty good. The Hammer is lining up the best lawyers in the state. What if a jury in a Dem county says "not guilty." Uh, oh. Talk about shifting Mo. How long will the euphoria last? Just something to think about.

One step closer to the playoffs. 2 1/2 games up with four to go. Let's hope the Astros clinch soon so they can rest their pitchers - please don't take it to Sunday - don't want my hair to start turning grey

September 29, 2005, 9:00AM

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