By Marc Campos

Lone Star Tax Time and The Final B-G-O

Not enough money for public schools Ė forget about it. Not enough money for colleges Ė raise tuition. Not enough money for health insurance Ė donít get sick. Not enough money for highways Ė get ready to pay more gas taxes.

The state highway department says weíre out of money so the only solution is to raise the gas tax. Hey, since the GOPers run the highway department, letís let the GOP take the lead in raising taxes.

This is what you call Lone Star style public policy priority setting. Roads rule!

Channel 13ís Wayne Dolcefino had one of those undercover reports last night about Houston METRO employees and their families and some city employees riding the buses and light rail for free. I donít have a problem with that. When there is no room on buses and light rail for regular folks, then I will have a problem with this.

Props go to the Chron for kicking off their Campaign 2007 Notebook today. The Chron also started letting us know who they are endorsing. Thatís a real good thing.

Remember when Commentary got a parking ticket one Saturday at The Yard because the meter kept spitting out my quarters. Well, I fought it and won. The parking patrol went and checked out the meter and delivered a not guilty verdict Ė whew!

Well, the B-G-O Festival Weekend starts this evening. Iíll be wearing my orange gear tonight, my blue and gold star digs manana, and my red brick stuff on Sunday. Itís a sell out. B-G-O is #13 on the all time run scored list, #12 is Mel Ott. Heís #15 in total games played, #14 is Robin Yount. He wears #7, just behind Mickey Mantle for the most famous #7 ever. Standing ovations, camera bulbs flashing, personal hand painted signs, cheers, smiles, and lots of B-G-Os this weekend Ė WOW!

September 28, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary