By Marc Campos

Huevos Rancheros, Not Yet, Wow!

Lady Foghorn wants the Texas Rangers to handle border security. They might as well, they're 12 and a half out with four games left.

Seriously, Foghorn figures that in order to finish a respectable third, she has to go get some of the anti-paperless folks, errr, anti-Latino votes. Now she pulled one out of her sleeve.

If Foghorn, Guv Dude, The Kinkhole, Poe, and the GOP really want to do something about the border, why don't they just go take one of those Shoot A Mexican courses you can probably download, go buy some camo gear, and head on down to the border 'til the they think the problem is solved. Commentary would respect them a whole lot more if they headed south.

When the legislative session rolls around in January, gavel the session to order, take a recess, and all the GOP legislators hop on a bus and go set some Mexican traps along the border, you know, some of those big holes with spikes at the bottom like in the old Tarzan movies. The GOP legislators don't do anything in Austin anyway.

Think about it, if all the GOP anti-paperless folks, errr, anti-Latino activists really had huevos - and Commentary doesn't think they do - they would all head on down to the border, hold hands, set up a human shield, say "red rover, red rover, we dare you dirty Mexicans to come over," then we could all live happily ever after.

Huh! On CNN this past Saturday there was one of those breaking news stories - Bin Laden is dead - huh! Turns out, he wasn't, they said. Commentary thinks that he probably is a goner, but they jumped the gun by letting it leak out a bit early. They'll probably announce it right around the time Early Voting begins.

One and a half and four games behind with five left and take them one at a time - are you kidding! Wow! Wow! Wow!

September 27, 2006, 9:00AM

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