By Marc Campos

More On Rita, Sharp

If a political client had called me during the Rita Dance to ask for advice, I would have fired the client. One of my former clients got their share of camera time - standing behind the mayor/county judge, of course. Never saw one of my current clients on the tube - Houston City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Carol Alvarado.

Yesterday, I asked her Young Gun chief staffer if the Mayor Pro Tem had headed out of town, cause I never saw her on TV - saw some of her colleagues. The Young Gun said she stayed in town and sent me the following:

"Carol worked to identify her precincts that were in the storm surge area. She identified about 21 precincts that were in storm surge area and some that were prone to flooding. She was concerned that folks weren't informed about what a storm surge area was - since most had never been affected by a hurricane of this magnitude. She proceeded to go door to door with Harris County Precinct 6 constables in the storm surge areas to educate and warn folks about being in the storm surge area. She also recorded an autodial message to the 21 storm surge precincts in English and Spanish notifying and educating them about the storm surge area.

Friday afternoon we went to the Houston Emergency Center (HEC) where she kept in constant contact with civic and community leaders who decided to ride out the storm. Email was still up - so she sent periodic e-mails informing constituents with the latest news from the HEC briefings. One of the biggest concerns we received from constituents was looting and burglary of the vacant homes of the folks who left town. Carol asked HPD and Constable Victor Trevino to add additional patrols to District I. HPD did and we got calls and emails saying the police presence and response was outstanding. Since we were at the HEC - Carol was able to monitor the calls for service in the police beats in our District and provide updates to the email list. She probably sent the last email at about midnight.

After the storm Carol went out to assess the damage in the District. We drove up and down streets looking for damage and folks without power. Carol was communicating constantly with Centerpoint management and getting them out to problem locations. We drove around the district and she even rode her bike Sunday morning to check things out. Needless to say we were very busy."

I had more fun drinking Opus One.

In the middle of all the Rita hoopla, we forgot that last week, John Sharp accepted a Guv Dude appointment to chair a special committee on taxes. Does that mean he went over to the other side? Or does that mean he is just doing his civic duty? How come we haven't heard anything from his mouthpiece? Betcha if a minority Dem had accepted the Guv Dude appointment, the minority Dem would have been blistered by Dem activists.

September 27, 2005, 9:00AM

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