By Marc Campos


I quit! I surrender! Uncle! No mas! Ya basta! I'll tell you any thing you want to know! I'll defect to the other side! I'll rat on the 'Stros! I'll give up St. Arnold for a week! You can have my foul ball collection! JUST LET ME HANG ON THE GRID FOR A FEW HOURS - PUHLEESE!!!

Cin sent me a care package in my time of need yesterday - guess she wants to make sure I'm in shape for her pre-election rap luncheon next month.

I guess CM Lovell hopped on the grid since we're not getting any of her Campfire Chat messages nowadays.

They cut the H-Town Council Pop-Off in half - sort off. That's kind of like taking crack from a crackhead!

Today the Chron has my story on The Dean's new assignment. Check it out. Now I'm in the CenterPoint 20 percent without power - fixing to hit two weeks. Good thing the election isn't today - folks around here would be voting against everybody.

The 'Stros are going to need a bipartisan bailout this weekend if we want to play Monday because we're still three and a half out with three or four left.

September 26, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary