By Marc Campos

Cozy Up, Bonds, #20

As the Texas Dem Primary approaches, I think it is fair to ask wannabee candidates about their Dem credentials and their involvement with the Democratic Party. If a wannabee Dem candidate has voted in the last four GOP primaries – that’s 2 votes for W and 2 for Guv Dude – I think it is fair to ask what’s going on. If a Dem organization cozies up to this individual, I think it is fair to call them out and ask them what’s going on. Don’t even bother trying to defend the actions of this local Dem organization – period.

The HISD Bond campaign that Commentary mentioned yesterday got me to thinking. If voters have problems with the HISD bonds, will they take it out on the Harris County bonds or the Port of Houston bonds or the state bonds? Are we getting bondbarded by too many bonds? We will see.

Well, B-G-O Weekend at The Yard is a few days away and B-G-O is now #20 on the all time career hit list – 3,056. He will stay at #20 for a few years. Congratulations to B-G-O. It ought to be a festive weekend for sure.

September 26, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary