By Marc Campos

The President's Fox, Trick or Treat, 6 Left

Commentary loves Bill Clinton, one of the greatest Presidents of all time, but even the greatest can err. I don't know why President Clinton lets himself get agitated when he gets interviewed by a Fox Newshound. Fer Pedro's sakes, he's a freaking Fox Newshound! If you don't want to get agitated, don't do the interview, Mr. President!

Halloween arrived early in Texas this year. Watch out for the two trick-or-treaters (The Kinkhole and The Body) that are out begging for votes. You gotta be kidding! Check out the look The Body has nowadays. He looks like one of those bad characters from a C grade biker movie or one of those sorry looking villains from one of the Star Trek sequels. It is clearly obvious that The 'Hole knows he's not gonna win, so he's decided to ham it up for the freaking docutoon that is being filmed. Now when is the state's media community gonna wise up and totally write The 'Hole off as a bad act? If the state's media doesn't wake up, It'll be hard for them to ever be critical of candidates for being disingenuous.

You gotta love the way the 'Stros have been playing this past week. I must admit, I didn't feel too good when they fell behind 4 to 2 after six innings last night. Then they came back and won 5 to 4. It looks like everyone on the team is making a contribution and that's a good thing. Let's take it one game at a time.

Hey, looks like the White Sox won't make the playoffs this year . . . awwww!

Two and a half and four behind and six left - hold on to your seat!

September 26, 2006, 9:00AM

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