By Marc Campos


The Dean took the time to answer Commentary as I enter my unlucky thirteenth day without power!


Thank you for the confidence you have in me. I have already discussed this issue with the Governor, Lt. Governor and others.

Obviously we must come up with a better recovery plan for the next hurricane, which we know will happen. We must discuss and address how to improve communications during recovery and how to better prepare for shortages of electricity, food, water, gas, etc.

I will use my time, energy, and seniority to see that the residents' concerns and needs are addressed by the Legislature.

I caution this is not an easy mission because any time you have 4 million people living on the gulf coast, some of which in my opinion was never meant to be inhabited by humans, we will have catastrophes.

But that said, we must do everything possible to prepare for the next hurricane or other disaster and I accept your assignment on behalf of the citizens of Houston and the entire gulf coast.



P.S. For us to fully recover and have sound policy and response plans in the future, we have to remember we are all in this together. There is not a home team or a visiting team. There are not Democrats or Republicans. We are all on the same team."

Meanwhile, the F__cking Encredible Moron Association (FEMA) dumped 150 truckloads of ice in Seguin yesterday according to the SA Express News. They said we didn't need any here. Oh yeah, then how come I'm shelling out three and a half bucks a day at the Kroger to keep my St. Arnold and skim milk cold!

On this Prez debate stuff, they ought to wait until all of H-Town is back on the grid.

If you are in Commentary's 'hood soon, you have to check out a house on the 900 Block of Arlington - man, I didn't know we grew redwoods in these parts.

Commentary is now part of CenterPoint's 22 percent without power.

Let's see now, four or five left and three and a half left back - who knows?

September 25, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary