By Marc Campos

Florida, HISD, Worthless YDs

In 2000, Dems fought like crazy to count all of Florida’s votes. In 2008, Dems will be telling Florida Dems that their votes won’t count. I think this is a case where Dems are shooting themselves in the foot. We’re good at that. Commentary is kind of a little sick and tired of Iowa and New Hampshire always getting first dibs. This is 2008 – until we go to a regional system, let states do whatever they want to do. If Idaho, wants to hold their primary manana – let them.

Commentary likes the Superintendent of the Houston Independent School District (HISD). I think he does a good job. Commentary has also been involved professionally speaking in the last 4 HISD school bond elections. Commentary is on the sidelines, errr bench on this one. Hey, they didn’t ask me!

Let’s see, the Greater Houston Partnership is staying out of the HISD bond campaign. A whole lot of African American leaders and organizations are campaigning against. The usual anti HISD right wingers are opposing the school bonds. For the most part, credible Latino leaders are staying silent. Organized labor hasn’t taken a position. The first consultant hired has bailed out. Can the HISD bond supporters pull this one out? We’ll see.

If Commentary had been at Columbia University yesterday, I would have asked the Iranian honcho why they banned neckties in their ‘hood.

Remember when Commentary said the Harris County YDs were irrelevant, errr useless. I was right. It turns out they are letting the fella that voted in the last four GOP primaries host a get together for them. Talk about being worthless.

In case you have not noticed, the 2005 and 2006 World Serious teams – ‘Stros, White Sox, Cards, and Tigers – won’t even make the playoffs this year.

Speaking of, the ‘Stros traded Jason Lane to the Padres for future cash considerations – probably a buck fifty.

Three this week in Cinncy then it’s B-G-O Weekend at The Yard – yikes!

September 25, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary