By Marc Campos

OR, SmokeLESS, PP Luncheon, EstrellaLESS, 7 Left

Today's Star Telegram has a piece about The Kinkhole's latest misadventures . . . awwww.and how opposition research nailed his a__ last week. The article refers to opposition research as "oppo." Huh! I always thought it was called "OR."

Here's one for the "OR" folks - Kiwi or Shinola? I'm talking about the polish The Kinkhole puts on his 'stache and 'tee. I'm betting Shinola as in he don't know s__t from . . . like his campaign platform . . . awwww . . . again!

Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado holds her complete ban smoking hearing today. Good for her and good for the city. This is good public policy.

The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary is on a mission - a very special mission. She is one of the Co-Chairs for next January's Roe v Wade luncheon that benefits the local Planned Parenthood affiliate. Her goal is to bring in new people especially the younger crowd.

She contacted one of her young R buddies about participating and he responded "I don't have to be pro choice to support Planned Parenthood, do I? They do other things like testing, education, prevention. How much are the tickets?" That's OK.

If you feel like participating - like host, underwriter, getting tickets - she can be reached at beth@camposcommunications.com. I'm gonna give her your email address anyway, so you better have a good excuse for not wanting to play . . . errr, pay.

Commentary was kind of disappointed with the Chron's estrella coverage of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's Gala that was held nine days ago. They only had one picture and a mere handful mention of notables in last Thursday's Chron. Come on now, it was Hispanic Heritage week or something like that and that's all the Hispanic Chamber gets? I guess the Chron doesn't know that there are over 62,000 Latino owned businesses in the Houston area and that this segment of the economy is one of the fastest growing and most vibrant. Half page coverage would have been appropriate. Props don't go to the Chron on this one.

Commentary went with Terry M., Sweet Marisa, Amegy's John and Jessica to the Texans games yesterday. I'm not going to say anything about the game other than the suite grub was pretty good.

How about the four game sweep of the Cardinals this past weekend? Four great games full of excitement. Four nail biters. They played their hearts out. Last night's game on ESPN with The Rocket was tops - that's why baseball is the best game ever invented - period.

At last night's game, they introduced outfielder/slugger Luke Scott to a cool video piece involving Star War footage - talk about putting pressure on Scott. He responded with a double down the right field line.

One Of My Best Friends and I sat in Pam-In-Charge's seats. Pam-In-Charge has great seats - period. Congrats to Pam-In-Charge and her crew for hitting 3 million plus fans this season!

Speaking of the yard, at Saturday night's game, Sweet Marisa and Commentary were there taking in Roy O.'s performance when all of a sudden we get visited by the Kiss Kam - yikes! CENSORED, CENSORED, CENSORED!

Not really. Commentary went into gentleman mode and landed a soft one on Sweet Marisa's cheek . . . awwww!

At Friday night's game, Commentary snagged a line drive foul ball on one bounce - bare handed - numero ocho for the year. I finally get to put one on my shelf this year.

Three and a half and five behind with seven left - take them one at a time.

September 25, 2006, 9:00AM

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