By Marc Campos


I've been living out of an ice chest, stood in ice lines, stood in Loew's lines, sat in gas lines, been offline, have become a coffee shop regular, learned to avoid intersections with faulty signal lights, the air at my place is yukky, I've become pretty good with a chainsaw, and more importantly are into my second week of little work productivity SO I AM A COMPLAINER WITH STANDING. We do have a major public policy breakdown with many folks and businesses still out of power. It is having a serious economic impact on our region.

It is kind of silly to blame the CenterPoints. They are just playing by the state's rules. This means the Texas Legislature has to act. We don't need a Guv Dude appointed commission. I think it is time for The Smartest Guy in State Government, The Dean, to step up and lead the way and figure out how we can set up regs and a structure that can get us up and running after a direct hit - and there will be a next time.

Why The Dean? Well you need someone from the coast. You need someone that commands respect across the board - from local electeds, power companies, business leaders, his colleagues, the media, the 'Stros, you get the picture. The Dean gets it and doesn't grandstand - you know his agenda. We have us a public policy breakdown that needs fixing and The Dean is a leader that should take reins and help make it better.

It has to be done next session. The power companies will push back and the consumer activists will try to pile on but The Dean will have the public on his side. He'll cut through the BS. Of course, The Dean doesn't know I'm volunteering his arse but he doesn't have a choice in this - it's his time.

If The Dean does take this massive endeavor on, maybe he needs to enlist the support of a fresh legislative face like Carol Alvarado. Alvarado has dealt with the local government side of this and could contribute.

We have us a problem and somebody has to take the lead. How about it Dean?

The Chron's E-Board used Commentary's power to the people line yesterday - that is OK by me.

Commentary is in the 26 percent without CenterPoint power today.

The 'Stros didn't have any power at The Yard last night with five or six left and four and a half back.

September 24, 2008 9:00AM

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