By Marc Campos


Day Ten plus without power, at least my 80 something parents made the grid. A CenterPoint assessment team was in my 'hood today and told me we had too many trees on power lines - they said pecan trees were a problemo. I'll remember that during Thanksgiving when I'm grubbing out on one of my Mom's pecan pies.

I put on my Paul Bunyon gear and single handed knocked out my fallen tree - sort of - still have a five foot stump on my fence.

H-Town CM Rodriguez and staff keep plugging away - way to go James:

"Dear Council Member Rodriguez,

Thanks for joining us in Spurlock Park on Saturday, the 20th of September for our post-Ike park clean-up. On Saturday, by the time the 45+ Idylwood residents left the park at 1:00 PM, the only evidence of the damage that Hurricane Ike had done in Spurlock Park was the mountain of branches and 150+ bags of rubbish we left at the curbside. By the following day, the large crew of rubbish contractors that you obtained for the East End had carried away most of the rubbish away and by yesterday, all of the rubbish in Idylwood had been collected.

Congratulations to you and your staff for your success in helping Idylwood and other East End neighborhoods get back to normal.

Maggie Mottesheard, President, Idylwood Civic Club"

In today's Chron there is a story about getting power restored and according to a CenterPoint exec, a local elected official was making promises to folks on when they would get power. The exec won't name the official. I wish he would even though I think I could make a pretty good guess.Check it out.

There is another story in the Chron about H-Town's Mayor chewing out some arse and offending some helpers from Georgia. The Georgia Guv sent a letter complaining. Oh brother! We want a mayor that uses choice words to get things moving. Check it out.

Commentary is part of CenterPoint's 32 percent without juice. It is getting old.

At least I get to head to The Yard this evening where Pam-In-Charge is putting up a St. Arnold POD by my aisle as we're three and a half back with six or seven to go.

September 23, 2008 9:00AM

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