By Marc Campos


I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel - literally - maybe - hopefully!

CenterPoint got some interesting run on the Chron's front page yesterday. It seems like they fought state government and prevented having to install hurricane proof light polls and transmission lines. They said they were too costly. The Chron also said CenterPoint had sixteen hired guns, err lobbyists to help them fight the state. The Chron needs to give us the names of the usual suspects in state government that let us get rolled. Remember, it takes two to tango, err get rolled.

You know, the H-Town area really took it up the arse by Ma Nature. It was brutal, so I really don't feel up to blaming or criticizing folks/officials - Rs or Ds. I'm certainly not going to crack on CenterPoint - heck they might decide that I'll be the last one they let back on the grid.

For those electeds that crack on CenterPoint, really let them know you are serious by refusing their future invitations to their fancy suites at Reliant, The Yard, or Toyota for ballgames, rodeos, concerts and tractor pulls. Also send back their campaign contributions. That'll get their attention.

Props go to the former client of Commentary and current elected official for finally getting power and promptly turning it off because he was the only one on his block lit up. He'll wait until his neighbors get turned on.

The Chron's Ken Hoffman took a dig at local electeds yesterday, saying they would be the first to get power. Don't tell that to H-Town's CM Rodrgiuez and Lovell and former CM Alvarado.

The local chair of the Latinos Dems took what I thought was an unnecesary shot at CM James Rodriguez and gave props to her fav elected who I don't even think is in town. Hey, I don't know what she is talking about but James and his staff have been working their arses off helping out folks. You have to figure some folks still don't have power and maybe some of these folks have not been working because their employer doesn't have power and so they aren't getting a daily wage and they are hurting. So they need help and some ice and some grub. So James and his staff have been putting in the hours helping out folks. Now have things been run to perfection - heck no. There is no such thing as the perfect response for the perfect storm, but there is definately a huge repsonse from James and his staff. The local chair fo the Latino Dems needs to get over her dislike of James and Commentary because it is clouding her judgement - maybe she has Ike Syndrome.

Commentary and brother Mike and nephew Dave and cousin JT with chainsaws in hand rid my parents yard of two big trees. We did it but it wasn't pretty.

My neighbor told me today that around 75 per cent of our zip code is still powerless - bummer being in the minority - Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

My Brown Eyed Girl fixed me up a dinner last night - again - she will never need touching up!

Seņor Bernstein has a good piece today in the Chron about Ike and its impact on local campaigns - very interesting? Check it out. I wonder how many Dems got washed away?

Commentary is part of CenterPoint's 36 percent without power.

Bud Selig bought a full page in yesterday's Chron to 'splain his decision and MLB gave half a mil to the Ike Fund.

The 'Stros are four back with six or seven to go - hey, at least we still have a shot!

September 22, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary