By Marc Campos

Piling On The 'Hole, Insider BD and a Rocket Encore

The Kinkhole deserves no mercy. The bad one liners that have oozed out of his piehole the past couple of decades or so are coming back to haunt him and that's a real good thing. Commentary has it from a good source that The Kinkhole's piehole could very well be the source of the latest E. coli outbreak ... awwwww!

I think I'll make up some good bad one liners and attribute them to The 'Hole, just to keep him on the defensive for the duration. Feel free to be creative and join in the fun.

Meanwhile, Da Bell is on the tube and he's been dropping some mail - interesting.

Happy Birthday yesterday to the Chron's E-Board Insider! He's having a party tonight at the Round Table hangout - if you are invited, don't forget to bring him a gift.

The Rocket is going for the high drama and is pitching at home Sunday night before a national TV audience (on ESPN) on three days rest - sorta. It's the 'Stros last home game of the regular season and maybe Roger's last home start as an Astro. Hope you have your tickets? It'll be one of those games where folks that aren't normally at the yard will show up because that'll be the place to be in Houston Sunday night - you know, the social scene crowd that gets written up in the Chron in the estrella section on Mondays and Thursdays. I'm betting the game will be a sellout - really.

One Of My Best Friends and I will be there, won't be in my regular seats though, we'll get to sit in Pam-In-Charge's seats - cool. I hear her seats are pretty good, maybe better than Commentary's. If they're as cool as her parking place at the yard - the #1 slot - then she probably has me beat - we'll see. I bet I have my more foul balls though.

If you drop by the yard this weekend, check out the stat board above Landry's Crawford Boxes. It displays interesting stats of the player that's batting - neat.

Speaking of dramatic games, last night's was hard to top. A Lance Berkman full count, two out, two run dinger in the bottom of the eight that lands in the bullpen doesn't get any better. We won by one. Still five and a half out with ten to go - oh my!

September 22, 2006, 9:00AM

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