By Marc Campos

A Hopeful Sign

Cin hosted a lunch yesterday to say goodbye to My PR Agent and a few folks were there including CM Lovell, The Comptroller, One Of My Best Friends, Radack, The County Judge, AJ, and the Local Dem Party Chair. It was nice to catch up on local politics. Commentary sat by the Local Dem Party Chair and we discussed a Latino outreach program for 2008 – now that’s a great idea. I think we finally may be on to something. Commentary is definitely going to follow up and offer some concrete proposals. Stay tuned!

Commentary hasn’t heard bold talk from Guv Dude on the defection of a GOP Texas State Rep to the Good Side. Usually, Guv Dude swaggers out and has a “you talking to me, you talking to me” take. The GOP is having a few problems nowadays. They’ve run Latinos out of their Party and now some of their own electeds are jumping ship. What did they expect?

I don’t know what the big deal is on the Moveon.org ad. Come on, the guy is a freaking multi star general. He doesn’t need anybody taking up for him. He’s got the entire armed forces to protect him. This seems to be another case where Dems let the GOPers snatch the stars and stripes from us and beat us over the head with it. Come on, think about it. Moveon.org has tons more credibility on W’s War than the GOP. I want my Dem leaders to snatch the flag back ASAP.

James Rodriguez has his campaign headquarters open house this Sunday. A lot of folks are expected to attend.

The ‘Stros have a new General Manager. Welcome back to H-Town Ed Wade. Commentary is rooting for you to help get the job done. You got a lot of fixing up to do. Some local sports talk show hosts and fans thinks we could have done better. When the team wins, it’s the players that get credit. When we lose, the GM takes the heat. That’s Major League Baseball. Ed Wade now gets his chance to do his thing. Then in a little over six months when Opening Day rolls around sports talk show hosts and fans will start grading his work – that’s Major League Baseball.

We got 18 runs last night. We got 23 hits last night. We got a rookie catcher that got a club record setting 8 RBIs last night and he has only been with the club for a couple of weeks – yikes!

September 21, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary