By Marc Campos

American Tune, Kracking Kinkhole, Astro Brownie

"When I think of the road we're traveling on, I wonder what went wrong."

Those words ring true three decades later.

"The Statue of Liberty, sailing away to sea." For some, yes.

"The age's most uncertain hour." I would say the most challenging since I've been around.

Welcome to the party! The Kinkhole is getting cracked and that's a real good thing. He's starting to get the real candidate treatment instead of the free ride. Now maybe some of the newsies who thought his act was "cute" will now reconsider. He probably has a vault full of bad one liners that could keep him on the defensive 'til November 7, E-Day. Hey, he's not running for a slot on Letterman's show, he's running for Governor! Keep the pressure on!

I have to admit we missed it. I'm talking about The Rocket's performance yesterday. The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary and I had a meeting in the office yesterday and we weren't able to get to the yard until the 7th inning - right after Roger took his final bows. Aw shucks!

Five and half out with eleven to go - oh no!

Speaking of my 'Stros, I had a 'Stro brownie this morning - chewy with lots of walnuts - hmmm, hmmm, and hmmm!

September 21, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary