By Marc Campos

Rita, Laura and the H2 Mania

It is a pretty eerie feeling to see all the bottled water gone from the shelves at the grocery store. Commentary is sticking around - someone real close to Commentary is in the hospital and this person probably wants me to hang close. I don't want Rita to hit H-Town, but at the same time, don't want folks up or down the coast to get clobbered either.

Disasters kind of push political campaigns off the radar screen. For the last three weeks plus, folks around here have been dealing with our new neighbors that Katrina produced, now Rita's on our minds - doubt folks are thinking about November 8. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Let the candidates, consultants and handlers worry about that - this consultant is worried about making sure he has plenty of tuna fish and crackers for the next few days - what else do you eat out of a can that you don't need to heat up?

Laura Salinas (the only candidate for State Representative, District 143 that lives in the district) DOES NOT OWN A HUMMER - repeat - DOES NOT OWN A HUMMER. She owns a sporty Mustang - stick shift. Of course, doubt that folks that have been cracking on her live in District 143, doubt that these folks have ever been in District 143. Hey, she got noticed at the parade, she got the best response - HUMMERS do that. Roger Clemens drives a HUMMER - he don't get cracked. Doubt that Laura riding a HUMMER in a parade will be an issue in District 143 - post Rita. Sorry folks, "it's residency stupid."

September 21, 2005, 9:00AM

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