By Marc Campos

Stuffing The 'Hole and Stuff

Commentary does it, you must too. Look, it's getting close to Early Voting so we have to take matters into our own hands. Don't wait for directions from Austin, you'd probably get lost anyway. We need to start cracking on The Kinkhole via the internet, bumper sticker, or just plain talking to your neighbors and strangers.

I sat by a fella at the yard last night who said he was going to vote for The Kinkhole. He said Guv Dude was a dud and he knew The Kinkhole was a joke but what the heck. I told him The Kinkhole was a no good sorry you know what and told him not to waste his vote. He knew he was throwing away his vote. I think I convinced him and his buddy.

I figure Lady Foghorn is going to use some of her cash on hand to crack on Guv Dude and hopefully chip away some of his support. In fact, I just saw one of her ads where she's cracking on Guv Dude. Da Bell doesn't have much cash on hand so we have to help him out by calling out The Kinkhole and his supporters. We gotta figure the The Kinkhole's supporters know their 'Hole is not going to win so we have to convince them their candidate is a fraud and they will be wasting their vote.

We need a bumper sticker that says something like "The Kinkhole My A__!"

Speaking of The Kinkhole, there is piece today in the Star Telegram about him offending the African American community. What else is new? Remember, this guy is vaudeville, so don't be surprised if he does a "Blackface" routine before it's all over - he's got the stuff in his make-up bag, you know the 'stache and 'tee.

I was in Baytown yesterday and paid $2.09 for a gallon of gas. Good for me, bad for Dems. It'll probably stay this way until November 8 - the day after the election.

Well, it looks like the Mini Men have a theme song - "So Long Texas - Hello, Mexico!" It's a C&W anti paperless folk tune that some sh__kicker put out. That's great.

I hate to say this but could this afternoon be the last time Astros fans get to see The Rocket at work? Roger makes his last home start of the regular season at 1 pm today - be there. Last night they gave away team posters at the yard. Printed on the back of the poster is next year's home schedule - good. Now I know what side to hang up. American League towns that will visit the yard next year are the Rangers, Mariners and As.

Six and a half out and a dozen to go - yikes!

September 20, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary