By Marc Campos

Lovely Rita, NFL Decisions, High School Looting

Yikes! She's heading our way. Soon to be Hurricane Rita is projected to make landfall Saturday morning - destination Houston. It's time to start listening to the Mayor and the County Judge. Hope somebody asks former Kemah Mayor Bill King on his hurricane evacuation takes - King is considered an expert on this subject. In the Katrina aftermath, all eyes will be on Houston and how Houston gets ready for Rita's arrival.

Typical NFL decision - fire the offensive coordinator. How about the head coach or general manager - they hired the OC and made the decision to pick the QB? I'd like to know who in Houston thinks the current head coach can take the Texans to the super bowl? Not a chance.

From the Friday Night Lights Department: a story aired this morning on a news program about Texas high school football coaches seeking out Louisiana's blue chippers as the waters were rising during Katrina. That's what you call Texas hospitality.

September 20, 2005, 9:00AM

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