By Marc Campos


Commentary heard that some H-Town East End electeds raised heck with CenterPoint about power to their 'hood. Who is raising heck for Commentary's 'hood?

From a respected and smart former elected friend: How many power company lineman are on the job since Texas electric dereg? Probably a lot less.

Commentary spent most of the day in Baytown, a hard hit and evacuation area, clearing debris from my parent's yard. Two huge trees fell, luckily not on their house.

I'm betting my next electric bill won't show a decrease despite being powerless for a week plus!

From Dr. Laura with the H-Town Hispanic Chamber who also don't need touching up:

"The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is volunteering at the Ripley House POD and we are working the Univision Call Center. We need to get Houston up and running."

Folks really don't have time for campaigning in these parts nowadays but that didn't stop someone from slapping around local GOP Rep John Davis - ouch!

Some electeds and candidates are sending out emails to let folks know what is going on. Some aren't. What does that mean? It probably means nothing. I just want them to all help out - period.

I will say that H-Town CM Lovell sends out the best reads though on how to make it without power - power to Sue!

The 'Stros wore T-Shirts under their jerseys yesterday that said "Bud Selig Killed Us!". They need to sell those at The Yard Tuesday. Only eight above .500, ten left, and five back.

September 19, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary