By Marc Campos

Congestion Skunks H-Town and Latinoless

Pardon Commentary for being a bit ornery this morning. That’s what happens when I go see a last place team at The Yard and they don’t play Hunter Pence. Come on! What are they thinking – that I go to The Yard for $8 St. Arnold’s!

Remember when H-Town was supposed to get moving again. Not according to the latest study on traffic congestion in the US of A. Unless we get us a Jetson’s like ride, we’re never going to whup traffic congestion and that’s a fact jack. So a memo goes out to all candidate wannabees, take solving traffic congestion off of your campaign lit – ain’t gonna happen.

The feds are fixing to mess with Green Cards and H-Town’s Latino community doesn’t have a voice up in D.C. to protest. That’s what happens when H-Town is Latinoless in Congress. So what else is new?

A few years ago Commentary gave My Dad a copy of “Saving Private Ryan” – he said it was so-so – it didn’t have any Latinos, he said. The new PBS show on WWII is also Latinoless – so what else is new. My Dad, a WWII vet, probably won’t be watching. Way to go PBS.

The reviews are in. James Rodriguez’ intro mail piece gets an A plus. It is must see mail. It’ll probably be on James’ and my website in a few days – stay tuned. Way to go James!

Happy Birthday to former ‘Stro and Hall of Famer Joe Morgan – he’s 64 today!

Just 4 more B-G-O games at The Yard – go tonight because the last weekend will definitely sell out.

September 19, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary