By Marc Campos

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Commentary was wrong again. The film crew that is hanging with The Kinkhole is shooting a docutoon, not a docucomedy. There is nothing funny about The Kinkhole's bad act. Come to think of it, The Kinkhole looks like a cartoon figure. He's kind of like a mix of Oil Can Harry and Yosemite Sam. A deep, a dap, a doo, that's all folks!

Some dumba__ named Roy Morales has announced he's running for the Houston City Council At-Large position in the Special Election if there is a Special Election. This dumba__ has decided that he's gonna campaign against paperless folks. He doesn't want Houston to be a "sanctuary" city. The dumba__ doesn't know that we're not a "sanctuary" city. The dumba__ is also a GOPer. I guess the dumba__ figures his hate themed campaign will attract GOP votes and his last name will attract Latino votes. What a sorry a__hole.

How about the Pope pi___ng off the Muslims? Now he's blaming it on his speechwriter. If the Pope goes public and says eight "Hail Marys" and ten "Our Fathers," will that get him off the hook?

I had lunch yesterday with the local Latina PR whiz, she said she's working on a campaign to get Latinos/Latinas to give more blood, errr, become blood donors. That's interesting. I didn't know we (Latinos/Latinas) were lagging behind in the blood donating category. Maybe we ought to create a website called alllatinosgivesangre.com.

At the Triunfando gala last Saturday evening, there were a lot of sharply and stylishly dressed women in attendance. Pam-In-Charge observed that this was one evening where the fellas have on like a dozen pieces of clothing (shirt, undies, tie, socks, jacket, pants, cummerbund, etc.) and the women only have two - you get the picture.

In case you didn't notice, 'Stros playoff tickets went on sale yesterday. We won last night. Six back and thirteen to go. Looks like we're going to hit the 3 million mark in attendance - I did my part. They had the roof open at the yard last night and the weather was great. As the sun was setting, the sky over the skyline was absolutely beautiful, just like.. well, I get the picture. The roof will be open tonight - be there.

September 19, 2006, 9:00AM

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