By Marc Campos

Hugo, Scary, Texans, Parades

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's President, thinks the USA is going to invade his country - for oil maybe. He says the USA has a top secret plan called "Balboa," that is designed to remove him from office. Chavez is buddies with Fidel Castro and he doesn't say nice things about W. Chavez addressed the United Nations last week and blistered W on Iraq and WMD. Chavez says W always disses the UN so the UN should relocate. Not a good idea. NY is a blue state and NYC Dems need the jobs that come with the UN being in NYC. Chavez is lucky the USA is preoccupied in Afghanistan, Iraq and New Orleans. On the other hand, W's folks may think they can make a case to annex Venezuela based on $3 a gallon for gasoline. Of course, that would pi__ off folks of the Latino persuasion.

Speaking of W, his nephew ran afoul of the law (and the law won) last week in Austin. His grandma saw the jail mug shots and said grandson looked "scary" .... awwww!

Went with my best friend to check out the Houston Texans yesterday. He has club level seats. That's where "Upscale Houston" hangs on NFL Sundays. Club level folks wear fancy attire - not like what folks wear at the yard. Pittsburgh Steelers clobbered the Texans. Think it is time for Dom Capers - the head coach - to be shown the door. There were a lot of Steeler fans at the game - too many, thanks EBay.

Houston had its 16th of September Parade (actually held on the 17th and its called "Fiestas Patrias Parade") and no one protested. Lot and lots of Latinos at the parade. Laura Salinas got props for having the most enthusiastic candidate parade entry. About 35 supporters walked alongside her H2 - and of course, the only candidate that lives in District 143 was well received by the parade goers.

September 19, 2005, 9:00AM

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