By Marc Campos


The Astros donated a mil to the H-Town Mayor's Hurricane Ike Relief Fund - that's a good thing! Way to go Drayton and Pam-In-Charge!

H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez sent out a CenterPoint press release on who gets power and when by zip code. Commentary's 'hood might get juice by Halloween. You know, I'd rather not know how long I am going to be miserable.

There is a story in the Chron today about PODs and hassles between the. locals, state, and feds. One of Guv Dude's A__hole emergency guys said - "humans survived many, many centuries before ice." I expect The Dean to go kick this A__hole's arse.

Somebody has to give a better 'splanation why 'hoods closer to Downtown H-Town are the last to get service. Do we vote wrong? Heck, I might miss the first Prez debate.

Houston: CSI! Or the curse since Ike. Cecil puede por favor! We need to win tonight for sure because we're only nine above .500 with eleven to go and four back - adelante!

September 18, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary