By Marc Campos

Docucomedy, Alex the Dem, Sailor Man, Gala, Fadin...

What did I tell you? It is a bad act. According to today's Chron, The Kinkhole has got a deal with filmmakers. A film crew is with him 24-7 and will make a docucomedy about his race. You see, he knows he's not going to win, so he has figured out a way to make some bucks off of the campaign. Why do you think he's wearing make-up, errr, paints his 'stache and 'tee? He's not laying out bona fide public policy initiatives, he's mugging for the cameras and there is a serious chunk of Texas voters falling for his shtick. To paraphrase McGovern '72 - "come home Texas."

LA City Council Member and soon to be California State Senator Alex Padilla will be in Houston today. Padilla represents where the Dem Party is headed. He's probably one of the most charismatic Democrats in the country. Houston City Council Woman Carol Alvarado and local business owner Massey Villarreal will be hosting a reception today for Council Member Padilla at Irma's Southwest on Texas - close to the yard - at 5:30 pm - be there!

Have you noticed? Popeye's gone underground the past few days. Meanwhile, Bluto has run off with Olive Oyl. Poor helpless Popeye.

Props go to Triunfando! The Houston Hispanic Chamber's gala was a pretty cool event. The place was packed. They had a nice, impressive, informative awards program - it ran about an hour in length. Props go to Dr. Laura and Edgar for making it happen. Lot of Latino leaders were in attendance. I ran into Massey, Terry M., One Of My Best Friends, Sweet Marisa, Gracie, Rosi from the 'Stros, and a lot of other folks. Rick Jaramillo's invocation was heartfelt - it focused on the times including the paperless folks. Triunfando was the place to be last Saturday night.

The Houston Texans were, well, the Houston Texans yesterday.

FADING, FADing, fading ... Not much happened in between the white lines at the yard this past weekend. We never led the Phillies during the entire three game sweep. The only good things that happened at the yard were My Best Friend and me catching up on stuff, watching Dante get more into the game and the gift bag of goodies he received from Pam-In-Charge, being visited for a few innings by Pam-In-Charge Friday evening, and four St. Arnold's.

Somebody has to have a heart to heart with Scrap Iron about some of his moves. If he's going by the book, then somebody needs to sneak into his office, snatch his book, and give it the Fahrenheit 451 treatment. Jason Lane and Morgan Ensberg don't need to be in the starting line-up period.

I'ts dollar dog night tonight - be there, pleeeease!

September 18, 2006, 9:00AM

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