By Marc Campos


This my third blacberry day and my fifth powerless day. The Bad Sport Award goes to the GOP for running an ad on KTRH Radio yesterday attacking Nick Lampson. A lot of us without power are listening to that station on our walkmans or in our cars and we don't want to hear political ads. I want to know who has ice.

The other Bad Sport Award goes to Michael Berry and KTRH Radio for airing the attack ad. Some folks want to know if they still have a house on the coast, but Berry and KTRH want to make them a little money on the side. They are a bunch of losers for sure.

Speaking of squirrels, you know my hood has the most squirrels per square foot but I haven't seen any lately. I guess they don't think trees are safe nowadays - can't say that I blame them.

The Dean stepped up to the mound and put a pitch in MLB Commish Bud Selig's ear for taking advantage of Ike to help out his choking Brew Crew. I wonder if you can call the AG's office and file a complaint on Bud Selig for pennant gouging. You can find The Dean's pitch count in the Chron. This Bud ain't for us for sure!

There is a pic in the Chron of W surrounded by the usual local suspects.

Props go to the Galveston officials for at least trying.

There is a story today in the Chron on Ike's election impact - I told you. Check it out.

The local county officials are also doing good jobs.

Sweet Marisa is 20 something today. Happy Birthday Marisa Lopez! She still don't need touching up.

We're ten above .500, twelve left, eleven and a half back - uh,oh!

September 17, 2008 9:00AM

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