By Marc Campos

Chron 1, Out of Towners 0, GOP Huggers, CEWDEM’s Law, Texans, Tigers and ‘Stros – Oh My!

The Chron’s front page stories on H-Town City Council candidate residency racked up a victim this past weekend. One of H-Town’s newcomers, errr candidates withdrew. Sorry pal. That’s a real good thing.

Commentary is going out on a limb to make a prediction. There is a nice fella that now has a website up saying he’s running for the Texas Leg here in Harris County in the Dem Primary. He’s getting a little love from some local Dem electeds that don’t like Commentary or Commentary’s clients – fair enough. It turns out the nice fella that wants to be a Dem leader has voted in the last four (00, 02, 04, & 06) GOP primaries – oops! It looks like he’s going to spend a lot of time ‘splaining his voter history. Commentary is predicting that those local Dem electeds that don’t like Commentary won’t be hugging this GOP fella that now wants to be a Dem unless they want to lose all cred or get their heads checked.

CEWDEM laid down the law to folks. Hey folks, if you use, don’t abuse. CEWDEM is a public service so show him some respect or else risk getting nailed.

The newest local TV celeb is 27 today. Happy Birthday to the ‘Stros gear giveaway spokesperson Sweet Marisa – Marisa Lopez!

Look at those Texans – wow! Football is back in H-Town.

Tiger destroyed his competition this weekend. I think I finally figures out the FedEx Cup scoring system – just put Tiger in the field.

Hey, Commentary got to meet Mom-In-Charge this past weekend. She’s cool.

Speaking of The Yard, Dante and Commentary were treated to 15 runs and 22 hits yesterday. A rookie named Josh Anderson went 5 for 5 – wow! 6 more B-G-O opportunities!

September 17, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary