By Marc Campos


Coming to you via blackberry for the second day now. Still without power. Our garbage was picked up today. Waited in a gas station line for an hour then I felt guilty for having a tank of gas. Then I went to a "POD" - I guess that's a help the helpless post disaster term - and waited 20 minutes for a measly bag of ice.

Commentary is starting to get a little curious on how the power restorers decide who's 'hood to restore. What is their formula? How do they prioritize? Who is the decider?

Three days and counting without power - roughing it I guess. I'm surprised my sanity is intact despite the fact that I haven't had my daily morning coffee, "The Today Show" or CNN since Friday. I picked up yesterday's Chron while waiting at the gas station then the Sat/Sun editions were delivered to my pad late yesterday.

Our block did a real good job of working together to clean up debris.

One thing for sure is that Ike crashed the party, errr local election. Props go to local H-Town City Council Members and members of Congress for working their arses off.

Just found out point of distribution equals PODS.

Bud Selig and MLB could have shown a little class and not made the team go to Wisconsin. I think it would have been a grand gesture. Drayton shouldn't be blamed - creating unnecessary public drama over the weekend would have made matters worse.

I'm glad Selig's Brew Crew is tanking and fired their Skipper yesterday.

Hey, Ike has me without tree and power, My Best Friend and Julie without a fence and power, my folks with a hole in their roof, and the 'Stros with two Ls - s__ks. Eleven over .500, thirteen left, ten and a half back.

September 16, 2008 9:00AM

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