By Marc Campos

Power to the People, Please!

Now that was scary. Lost a tree. Part of my neighbor's house flew through my window - try fixing that in total darkness. Still no power. No Governor Palin.

My neighborhood looked like we got stuck in center lane at the bowling alley. Every house on my street lost at least one tree - wow. My tree went roots and all.

The Dean called me Saturday and said the local GOP won't mind now if paperless folks chip in to help clean up.

Pam-In-Charge got power to her pad yesterday - that's a real good thing. She needs to focus on getting the team to the World Serious.

How come it is easier to make a cell phone call out of town? It figures that it is no problemo to text - where they charge you more.

No TV, just walkman radio, internet tough to get on blackberry.

All local political campaigning has stopped. Nobody here is thinking about the races. Ike will probably be a factor though.

Back to Friday night - I figure I was pounded hard for 4 to 5 hours. I slept for 30 minutes.

Me and my neighbors put out our garbage bins today - we will see what happens.

Emptied out my fridge yesterday - living on a bag of ice.

I'm putting an asterisk by Carlos Zambrano's no hitter at Wrigley North last night. You can't ask players to hop on a plane the day after a brutal hurricane and play a home game in Wisconsin. We're twelve above .500 with fourteen left and nine and a half back.

September 15, 2008 9:00AM

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