By Marc Campos

Ann, Bad Actor, Sweet Marisa, Last Homestand, Triunfando!

Next year, a new school (6-12) will open in Austin with Ann Richards' name. That's a good thing. Shoot, she deserves a university named after her.


Politics goes on. You can always count on folks to fall for bad vaudeville, errr, fraudville acts - even so called smart folks. Come on, who are you kidding? This is the true definition of hypocrisy. The Kinkhole goes on TV with his Jesus "Good Shepherd" act and at the same time he wants to bash the paperless folks. I read scripture on occasion. I couldn't find where Jesus wanted to call out the 10,000 National Guard troops or the entire Polish army to stop folks from working hard labor so they could feed their families. "Good Shepherd" my a__, how about Pied Piper?

"Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you're young at heart."

Sweet Marisa is a big Sinatra fan - and she's only 25 - will turn 26 this Sunday. Now I think that's cool, errr, Commentary is also a big Sinatra fan.

Sweet Marisa is in the business - PR and advertising. She's smart, bright, articulate, and focused. She's also a Latina. You kind of get the feeling she is one of those that will end up with a major corporation/institution doing corporate PR and/or governmental relations. After that, when Commentary is spending his days feeding the pigeons, Sweet Marisa may end up running her own high powered agency. A lot of folks like Sweet Marisa.

Sweet Marisa is also a big Astro fan and has hanged with Commentary for a few games. We talk Astros, game strategy, complain of lack of clutch hitting or Scrap Iron's moves, trade chisme, talk politics and issues, I tell political war stories - embellished and one sided of course, and we root for the 'Stros.

Now some people, cause they don't have a life, are gonna say not so nice things about Commentary and Sweet Marisa occasionally enjoying the best ticket in town. They don't know Commentary or Sweet Marisa. Commentary is known by the very few that know Commentary for mentoring young folks that want to advance in the business - Young Guns are an example. When Commentary was their age, nobody was really around to give advice, awwwww, don't pull out the hankie. I had to give myself advice and a lot of times it was not so good advice.

A lot of folks that Commentary worked with back then didn't want to hear what younger folks thought. It was either their way or the freeway. Heck, there are some today that still feel the same way. I'm interested in knowing what "takes" the younger generation folks have on issues, politics, elected officials, candidates, music, books, and the Astros. The Young Gun, Lovely Wendy, The Young Political Consultant That Works for Commentary, Lisette, and Sweet Marisa can all teach me something and maybe they can learn something from me.

I even want to know what's on the minds of the younger folks that worked on the other side last year. I like them and admire them for stepping up and getting involved. Commentary wants to know the "takes" of those that'll be running things in the very near future.

Sweet Marisa has "takes" on players - of both the political and baseball variety - issues, music - you name it. Sometimes we agree on our "takes", sometimes we don't. I like her cause she seems to have that hunger for knowledge.

She's going places. I'm not talking about as a candidate or elected official, rather as a greater player in the community. All the younger generation folks that choose to get involved are players in my book, errr, Commentary, and have my total respect. I wish my contemporaries in the community all felt the same way about the younger generation folks.

To all the other younger generation folks that are involved, I tip my lid to you. Some of you may not like Commentary's "takes" and that's OK. I still like that you're in the game.

Sweet Marisa is my friend and I hope she has a Very Happy Birthday this Sunday.

"For it's hard, you will find, to be narrow of mind, if you're young at heart."

By the way, Sweet Marisa also don't need touching up.

Five down and still seventeen to go. The candle still flickers. The pulse is still there. I'll be at the yard for all three against the Phillies this weekend. The bad news is the Phillies have a fella named Ryan Howard that can go long - we better not pitch him any strikes. The good news, the Phillies had a night game in the ATL last night so they probably got in late, errr, early this morning and will be tired this evening.

By the way, we now have ten straight at home and this is the final homestand of the regular season. Get out to the yard!

Triunfando! The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has their annual gala tomorrow night. Most local Latino leaders will be there. It's a cool event. Commentary has found a way to sneak in - not really. The folks that run the yard invited me to go with them. I wonder if I'll get a lot of stares when I show up in my Astro red tux?

September 15, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary