By Marc Campos

Feeble Response, Residency, Campaign $$$

In a Chron Op-Ed today, the Chair of the Harris County GOP makes a feeble attempt to say his Party likes Latinos. He’s responding to the recent Chron story about the GOP turning off Latinos. Sorry pal, no se puede. You don’t get a raspa for your piece today. Just because you may scarf down an occasional taco and margarita doesn’t mean you can call us compadres. You guys have been dishing out hate hash for a while now and it looks like you finally might be paying the price. You wouldn’t have penned an Op-Ed if you didn’t have problemos. It costs to be hateful. On the other hand, the GOP hate strategy could work if Dems don’t get off their arses and put together a real Latino vote strategy. Commentary is starting to sound like a broken record.

Round II of residency made it to today’s front page of the Chron. Maybe the Chron is on to something. I like the fact that they are at least covering the local council races. I like the Chron’s aggressiveness on this issue. Now that’s probably a real good thing.

We have candidate campaign and expenditure reports so folks can see who gives and who spends what. There is a discussion, errr political cleansing going on in the Texas Dem Primary race for U.S. Senator on money received, money given and money spent. Anybody with internet access can find out who gives and takes. Let’s not spend a whole lot of time blaming each other for providing this info to the press. I think this political cleansing is a kind of funny and interesting.

They’re gonna put me in the movies – well sorta. Sweet Marisa was apparently on the tube last night during coverage of the ‘Stros game. Sweet Marisa now has the job during game telecasts of talking about the cool giveaways at The Yard – like dominos tonight, Numero 45 bobbleheads manana, and matchbox cars for Dante on Sunday. Sweet Marisa will make great TV. Hey, maybe she'll get her own show one day.

Speaking of, it wasn’t great TV for the ‘Stros last night – arrrgh! Senor Ted was ready to go home after the first inning.

According to today’s Chron, we have some good news and some bad news for next season. The good news - A-Rod, Jeter, Matsui and the Yankees and Man Ram, Big Papi and the Red Sox visit The Yard. The bad news - A-Rod, Jeter, Matsui and the Yankees and Man Ram, Big Papi and the Red Sox visit The Yard. 9 more B-G-O opportunities.

September 14, 2007 9:00AM

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