By Marc Campos

Hold On, It's Ann ..

She had that special gift. During the 1982 campaign when the different candidates would meet up at a rally or pachanga, all the operatives would be milling around shooting the bull backstage, off to the side, or by the beer cooler while the local and statewide candidates delivered their speeches, when she strolled up to the mike, it was always - "hold on, it's Ann." She had our attention. We all knew she would have something special to say - inspiring, witty, funny, often bowling us over - that was going to make it all worthwhile. It's like we wanted and needed to be revved up by her unique one of a kind delivery.

I went to bed last night knowing I'll never get to hear her speak again, hug her and look into her sparkling eyes.


Commentary's got a Hybrid. I picked up my new ride yesterday. It is new way of driving if you want to save fuel. There's acceleration, deceleration, braking, AC levels, when the engine is on, when the battery kicks in, what kind of CDs you play (well, not really). You definitely have to read the manual. It was time for another vehicle and I figured, hey, why not. If I'm gonna get clobbered at the gas station, then I might as well try to get a few extra miles out of the gallon. I have to do my part. Isn't this called being socially responsible or something like that? The color of the ride is Astro red of course.

Hey, it looks like Astro fans that go to the Saturday afternoon game get a triple treat. They get a game against the Wild Card contender Phillies, it's a cap giveaway day, and they get to catch the Fiestas Patrias parade! Not a bad deal.

Originally the game was supposed to start at 3 pm. Then Fox Sports moved it to 12:25 pm. All Downtown parades start at Minute Maid Park and end at Minute Maid Park. Now the game has been moved to 12:45 pm. The Astros sent out an email yesterday to their massive database, letting folks know about the time change and encouraging 'Stro fans to check out the parade. The Astros also have the same info on their website - cool.

Memo to the paleteria and raspa, errr, snow cone vendors: Instead selling your goods for a buck apiece, mark it up to $3 for an eskimo pie or snow cone, Astro fans are used to paying those kind of prices.

Still four and a half out with seventeen left . . . tick, tick, tick ..

September 14, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary