By Marc Campos


Forms, forms, forms. Been to see a doctor lately? You can't stick a thermometer under your tongue unless you fill out a form, sign and initial. Used to be that the needle was your biggest fear - now it's the test of your patience when filling out the dreaded forms, and they all ask the same thing. Do you smoke? Do you drink? Have you ever had surgery? What medications are you allergic to? What medications are you on? Do you have difficulty breathing? Who to call in case of an emergency? Here's a new one: Can we give you blood? How do they expect you to answer that one? Nah, I can do without blood, sew me up and I'll go get my own on my way home.

I've had the hospital form experience recently when I helped someone out that is having to check in to the hospital. The forms drove me crazy. I'd rather hear someone scratching a blackboard with their fingernails.

They need someone at the hospital to check on keeping the magazines fresh in the waiting area. There was a 1997 U.S. News and World Report. A 1998 Texas Monthly. Bring your own reading material.

Went to the hospital grub room. A bag of Cheetos, a sweet roll, a magazine, two cookies, and a mini-package of Hershey Kisses - eight bucks plus change - yikes!! Thought I was at the yard

September 14, 2005, 9:00AM

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