By Marc Campos

Residency Strikes Again

The Chron has a front page story on a couple of H-Town city council candidates that probably don’t live in H-Town. It’s the old residency deal – remember. Commentary has been down that road before – remember the Laura Salinas race a couple of years ago. I tried to get the Chron to write something about it then but I got a big fat nada in response. Now the issue is front page news. They even included photos of the cribs in question. Props to the folks that got the Chron to put it on the front page. Now let’s see if the voters give a rat’s arse.

It looks like maybe the remaining seven weeks plus of the local campaign season may turn out to be a little bit interesting – stay tuned!

It was bold talk last Friday in California by Guv Dude in his address to the GOP state convention. Dude went after Gore, Hillary and Speaker Pelosi in front of the far right wingers. Commentary thinks Guv Dude probably spends too much time in front of the mirror – kind of like “you talking to me, you talking to me!” If you ask me, I think Guv Dude purposely laid out the bold talk in California in hopes of catching the eye of Hollywood producers. He sure is purdy!

At The Yard last night I witnessed a first. I had to go the bathroom and a fella next to me was doing the #1 and reading his blackberry at the same time – yuks!

Speaking of The Yard, after tomorrow’s (Friday’s) game, the International Federation of Competitive Eating will host the World’s Kolache Eating Contest at home plate. I need to check my schedule to see if they are handing out free kolaches to the first 10,000 fans, if not, I think I’ll ask Pam-In-Charge to sneak me out a few to go with my St. Arnold’s.

Speaking of, on my way home last night, ‘Stros announcer Milo Hamilton said “situational hitting is not in our arsenal.” That’s so true. Well, we won’t be a .500 team this year. 10 more B-G-O games!

September 13, 2007 9:00AM

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