By Marc Campos

Yikes, Itís Ike!

Commentary stood in line yesterday and snatched up the last of St. Arnold Ė whew! I picked up my newspaper this morning and all the Sunday inserts were included. I hope this isnít an omen of sorts. Commentary got emails from three electeds yesterday telling me to buy batteries and water and get prepared Ė thanks for the reminder. I had almost forgotten there was a hurricane out there.

Commentary also checked out the Governor Palin interview last night on ABC. The bad news is that she didnít fumble or come off like some complete dummy. I think she passed the test Ė drats!

The Chicago Cubs wanted us to go to Milwaukee to play three there at a so called neutral site. Yeah, sure! That is more like Wrigley North. Weíll take the next two days off thanks to Ike which is probably a good thing since some of our guys are dinged up and could use the rest. Roy O was O-nce again O-standing and left nothing but a big O in the run column last night against the Pirates. Thatís thirteen above .500 with fifteen left to play and eight and a half back and it is back to The Yard sometime Sunday!

September 12, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary