By Marc Campos

Romey Was Right, Le Pew, Good Night Councilman, Huevos? 19

Leave it to W to spoil the day. His speech to the nation last night was way off the mark. It was insulting to all of us. He should have told His Brain and others to save the speech for another day. He should have just said we remember, we're working to make us safer and we'll continue to go after the bad guys - he didn't. Like Jim Rome said in 2000 - "The only qualification I have for supporting a candidate for president, he has to be smarter than me. W's not smarter than me." W showed last night why he will go down in history as one of the all time if not the lousiest president(s).

The T_rd of the Week Award goes to the Houston Police Patrolmen's Union (HPPU or is it HP Pepe Le Pew) and the billboard company for posting "A rising crime rate, an undermanned police force, a dysfunctional dispatch center and a 'no chase, no catch policy.' Nowhere else but Houston." We don't need this. What's the point? Hey HP Pepe Le Pew, spend your money sponsoring little league teams in the inner city!

How much is that Berry . . . errr, doggie in the window? The one with the . . . Somebody needs to feed the Houston City Council Member Talk Show Host some reality burgers. I personally like the fella, but his foray into kitty cat ownership is a bit on the weird side. Dude, stick to meaningful public policy or quality of life issues. I don't want my city council discussing or holding hearings on Fido, Rover, Rin Tin Tin or even frigging Lassie reading a restaurant menu! That's why we call them DOGS! Think about it - doggin it, dog sh_t, dog pile, dog fight, dog days - none of these are positive terms. Dog owners (and Commentary used to be one) at best wash their dogs once a week - maybe. You wouldn't want to sit by someone in a restaurant that only hit the shower once a week - maybe - would you?

While I'm on the subject, I think Houstonians need to have a debate on whether or not we need to have two folks that share the same bed both serve on our governing body, errr, the Houston City Council - even if it's just for six months. The Houston City Council Member Talk Show Host is lining up support for his wife's campaign for the At-Large Council seat if there is a Special Election. Come to think of it, why debate. I don't want a discussion on a key city budget vote followed by a good night smooch. Come on! This is a joke isn't it? Is Commentary the only one in town that thinks this isn't cool? Am I the only one that is out of step? This isn't cute, this is stupid! I'm really surprised that leadership is ducking talking about how ridiculous this it.

Speaking of not having huevos, the city's leadership needs to get a set of huevos and get behind a Latina/Latino in an At-Large City Council Special Election if there is a Special Election. Let's celebrate the fact that this city has a 42% Latino population by getting behind a Latina/Latino candidate. Let's stop playing bedroom games! It would be nice to have an At-Large Latina/Latino Council Member.

We're four and a half down with nineteen to go. We can't afford to lose another game - period.

September 12, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary