By Marc Campos

One, Brownie Points, Wrong Again, 20, The Franchise

Hearings get underway this week on John Roberts' bid for Chief of the Supremes - only one woman on the Judiciary Committee - California's Diane Feinstein. In 2005, that's not cool.

He had that look for 10 days - the deer in the headlights look - heck of a look. Talking about FEMA's Mike Brown, errr, Joe Allbaugh's legacy. The fella is back in DC - still drawing a paycheck - they don't fire folks in W's administration - cause they don't do anything wrong.

Commentary was wrong last Friday re Lady Foghorn. There is a difference. On Foghorn providing breaks for contributors, someone sent in this - "she forgave millions (of tax dollars) and most of them are Ryan's ( John Sharp's tax consulting firm - he's a principal of the firm) clients. How can either (Foghorn and Sharp) one of them now make a case for ethical reform against Perry?" See, Sharp's firm has been giving a bunch of money to Foghorn's campaign. It is time to move on, let's all get behind Chris Bell for Guv. A Bell-Perry matchup is a lot better for Dems than a Sharp-Perry matchup. Perry has punked Sharp before - in 1998. Bell would own Perry - and you know Commentary is right. You know there would be a collective groan among Dems if Sharp were to announce.

The Astros have 20 games left in the season - eleven at home, nine on the road - and we still lead the wild card race by a half game. Bagwell is back. A huge four game home series with the fish starts this evening. Get out to the yard this week.

In 2002, the Houston Texans had the first pick in the draft and they chose David Carr. Carr was supposed to be the Da Man of the new franchise. The guy had a 12% quarterback rating yesterday. A pitiful performance. Texans' management don't look too smart this morning.

September 12, 2005, 9:00AM

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