By Marc Campos

2557 Days and Counting

It has been 2557 days and Bin Laden is still on the loose. Way to go W and Big Dick Cheney!

Since Obama and McCain are not campaigning today, does that apply to the rest of us? I guess so.

Commentary got in last night from The Yard and flipped on CNN and watched in amazement the live coverage of Governor Palin returning to Alaska for a day off. There is also a story today in the Chron’s Star section on what kind of designer glasses she wears – oh, brother! Commentary has a question: Is a Dem dude a lesser Dem if he has lustful thoughts about Governor Palin? Just asking

With Ike heading our way and folks filling up their gas tanks, buying up all the bottle water and batteries, or heading out of town, all eyes will be on Pam-In-Charge’s office today as the ‘Stros announce what to do about Friday’ s game against the Cubbies – stay tuned! Talk about pressure, not only are the red hot ‘Stros facing the league leading Cubbies, but right after the game the International Federation of Competitive Eating will sponsor the World Kolache Eating Championship at home plate.

Tejada had a grand salami last night. We are now twelve above .500 and Roy O goes tonight and still eight and a half back – oh my!

September 11, 2008 9:00AM

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