By Marc Campos

Today, E for What, Tonight

Remember when September 11 was just another day. Now itís called nine eleven. Is September 11 worthy of National Holiday status? I mean a real holiday where nothing is open Ė nada. After all, this day has really changed a lot on how we go about our business. Or do you think that as time goes by, we will pretty much forget about September 11, like we have Pearl Harbor Day Ė December 7.

E-dwards won thE TExas DEm E-Primary. OK, now E-what? So what was thE point of thE E-xErcisE? DoEs E-dwards gEt an E-ward? MaybE CommEntary is missing thE point on this.

Folks that have September 11 birthdays include Ludacris, Harry Connick, Jr., Brian De Palma, and Virginia Madsen.

We have the Cubbies and their miserable fans in for three starting this evening. Letís do some serious spoiling!

September 11, 2007 9:00AM

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