By Marc Campos

Day Off And Lay Off, Carol, Wild Card

Today is not a day for laying it on folks.

I hope Ds and Rs refrain from taking shots at each other today. Lefties and righties take the day off. Mini Men and pro immigrant rights folks - stand down. Pro choicers and anti choicers take it easy today. Let's think good things today and try to avoid trying to take down your political enemies. Just for one day forget about blaming each other for what happened five years ago and what has happened since then. Let's don't dishonor those that died five years ago and those that have given their lives since. Let's cool it today.

The best is yet to come. Props go to Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado, errr, One Of My Best Friends, for being named the Fiestas Patrias Distinguished Hispanic of the Year. She received the award at a breakfast ceremony last Thursday. I didn't get a vote on this, but if I had, voting for Carol would have been a no brainer this year.

Since 1969, the Fiestas Patrias organization has been handing out the award to Latino leaders that "have made substantial contributions to the progress of the Hispanic community." Commentary is 0 for 37. That's OK, of the 10 elected officials that have been recipients of the award, Commentary has directed the political campaigns of six.

NOTE: Just kidding. Commentary is cool with the Fiestas Patrias recipients. Commentary is not in the business of going after or campaigning for awards. I want that to be a part of my legacy - "I never got a dinner." I don't want to have to shove aside my foul ball collection for plaques and stuff.

Speaking of One Of My Best Friends, she had an outstanding turnout at her district breakfast this past Saturday morning. The Mayor was there pushing the A-H campaign. Bill King was there fresh off of a Saturday morning appearance on a local news program. Lots of civic club leaders and precinct judges showed up. The Lovely Wendy and The Young Gun were there pressing the flesh. The Young Gun got some good run from his former boss at the breakfast - so did The Lovely Wendy.

I wonder if The Governator has ever met One Of My Best Friends.

"I've lost my job and the manager, Phil (Garner) has lost confidence (in me), and it's been difficult. It's nice to go out there and do something positive" said Astro Morgan Ensberg after he hit a two run blast that helped win the game Friday night. It is not often you read where a professional athlete makes a public statement, errr, admission like this.

You know, when they are at their own yard, all the home team MLB players have their own signature tune when they come up to bat or pitch. When Roger strikes out a player to end an inning they play "Rocket Man." Both Billy Wagner and Mariano Rivera have the same heavy metal tune. In Arizona, errr, Phoenix, the program even lists each player's tune. Here at our own yard, Morgan Ensberg has some tune that sounds like it came from Disney's "Aladdin", I think. Luke Scott has one of the "Star Wars" tunes - Luke Skywalker - get it. I was watching Saturday night's game where the 'Stros were playing in Milwaukee, Luke Scott comes up to bat and I could have sworn I heard the "Star Wars" tune in the background. Hey, you are not supposed to play the visitor's tunes.

What about those monster homers by Berkman Saturday evening? Well, four games back with twenty to go and we roll into San Luis for three. I think you would have to call this a challenge.

Have a good day.

September 11, 2006, 9:00AM

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