By Marc Campos

Just Plain Screwy!

Here we are, one day before the seven years after September 11 and Bin Laden is still public enemy number one and folks are driving less, and there is still a question as to whether or not Dems will convince U.S. Americans that we deserve to be in the White House. Remember when some folks were predicting a blowout. All the polls now have the Prez race in a dead heat. There is no longer a fifty state strategy or campaign. It appears to be boiling down to a few states – again. The reason for all of this appears to be Governor Palin. Commentary is trying to figure out if McPalin can be tripped up.

Now there is the Governor Palin action figure. So what! Remember, W had an action figure. Heck, Commentary has an action figure. Now if Governor Palin gets her own bobblehead, that’s serious.

Commentary got to his seat last night just in time to see the Big Puma launch his three run dinger. I was running a bit late because I was meeting with one of the U.S. of A.’s leading experts on the Latino vote. The expert was in town and came by to visit – we’re old friends. We were discussing the intensity level of the Latino vote in this year’s election. We’re kind of concerned that the effort isn’t being made to get Latinos to the polls this November here and throughout the Lone Star State.

It kind of looks like Ike isn’t going to mess with the ‘Stros weekend series with the Cubbies.

Commentary is going to shut-up and not say anything about Vince for a while – he’s not feeling too good these days.

At the beginning of the season the Chron predicted that the ‘Stros would win a total of 77 games this year. We won number 78 last night and we have seventeen games left, eleven of them at The Yard. We’re now eleven above .500 and eight and a half back.

September 10, 2008 9:00AM

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