By Marc Campos

Fire Fighters Endorse James and the Front Page Misses

James Rodriguez, candidate for Houston City Council, District I, was endorsed by the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 341 last Thursday evening. Local 341 represents over 3,800 of H-Town’s bravest men and women. This is considered one of the key endorsements in an H-Town city council race. Way to go James and Fire Fighters!

In yesterday’s Sunday Chron, there was a front page story about the GOP turning off Latino voters because of paperless folk bashing – something Commentary has been talking about for a long, long time. The article quotes the leading GOP Latino ad fella and a couple of national Dem pollsters. Not a single Latino Dem consultant is quoted in the piece. Come on, the Chron can do better than that. There is also no mention of the Dem strategy to deal with the GOP turning off Latino voters – probably because there is no strategy – at least not in Texas.

There is also a huge front page story about two H-Town fellas that are in their 80s that have made a lot of money. I probably would have put that story on the front page of the Style section, but hey, they didn’t ask Commentary.

Meanwhile, W’s team is calling Bin Laden “impotent.” Oh yeah! Then how come he still has a hard on for us.

Speaking of, the only thing Bin Laden didn’t have a take on was ‘roid use in the big leagues and dog fighting.

Tiger won again yesterday and now leads the race for the FedEx Cup – something I can’t figure out how they get points. It is way too complicated for Commentary.

The Texans won their opener yesterday and folks around here are now talking Super Bowl. Hey, why not?

Speaking of, we’re not talking World Serious here in H-Town. Yesterday, we left 15 runners on base. That pretty much sums up our season. We have today off which is a real good thing. We are now reduced to being a spoiler. The Cubbies and their miserable fans come in for three starting tomorrow. Go Spoilers! We only have 12 more opportunities to see B-G-O!

Former Spoiler, errr ‘Stro Randy Johnson is 44 today. Happy Birthday Big Unit!

Jose Feliciano is 62 today! Light my fire! Happy Birthday Jose!

September 10, 2007 9:00AM

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