By Marc Campos

Governor Palin’s Twelfth Day

Today marks the twelfth day of McCain’s Governor Palin experiment and so far Dems are still a bit baffled on how to deal with McCain’s diabolical scheme. Troopergate isn’t going anywhere. Combing through her expense report won’t get it either. She kind of has this rock star appeal – sound familiar – which is kind of difficult to combat.

We might have to resort to using a novel approach like sticking to the issues!

Meanwhile, Governor Palin bagged a couple of members of the “elite media” as NBC put a hurt on Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann for their biased coverage. They will no longer be co-anchors of MSNBC’s prime time political coverage. I wonder if there is a limit on the number of “elite media” she can bag? I wonder if she field dressed them.

September 11 is two days away. I hope we never make it a national holiday because it would probably go the way of most national holidays and not mean much. Stores wouldn’t close, restaurants would stay open, airlines would still fly, and the ‘toon network would still show ‘toons.

At The Yard this Thursday they will be honoring first responders and the military and be giving away ‘Stros caps with a red, white, and blue ‘Stro star logo.

At age 28, brand new ‘Stro Mark Saccamano came up to bat last night for his first major league at-bat ever and he hit the first pitched for a dinger. That ought to tell you something. We also had Alberto Arias pitch five scoreless innings – Alberto who! We have eighteen games left – twelve at The Yard. Cecil puede! We won and are now 10 games above .500 and nine and a half back.

September 9, 2008 9:00AM

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